View Full Version : NASA's March Madness: Missions Contest

2009-Mar-21, 06:41 PM
Some March Madness fun (http://mission-madness.nasa.gov/mm/bracket.html) at NASA where you are the player. They put one mission up against another and the votes, apparently, determine the winner for that round. They are in round 1 at this time and have, of course, 64 total players (missions).

You can print your vote and compare your "score" with others.

2009-Mar-21, 07:19 PM
Already playing (http://www.bautforum.com/off-topic-babbling/86165-march-madness-shocker.html#post1458062), over at OTB :)

ETA: I just realized that the first round was supposed to be over last night, right? And John Glenn was getting kicked on both sides of the bracket. I'll have to check that out.

2009-Mar-22, 04:06 AM
Darn, I must have skipped right over it when I went to that forum.