View Full Version : Non-polluting Chinese launch

John Kierein
2002-Mar-29, 11:44 AM
And it talks, too.

2002-Mar-29, 05:08 PM
Talking Chinese mannequins will never be able to prevent SDI. Even if the Chinese think they can the DOD has the equipment to make naked mannequins fall from the sky.

David Hall
2002-Mar-29, 10:27 PM
I'm kind of surprised to see the Chinese as far along in their plans as they are. I didn't think they were this near to actually putting someone into space. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Matthew Ota
2002-Mar-30, 11:19 PM
Reportedly they tested the emergency launch escape system on this flight. It got me to thinking how they could test it without
firing the LES rockets and pulling the spacecraft away from the booster.

My guess is that they fired the LES motors instead of the usual jettison motors when it came time to discard the escape system.

Just something else that makes their news reporting baffling...