View Full Version : Antimatter (cue eerie music)

2009-Mar-31, 09:40 PM
If we were trying to establish antimatter rocketery how could we avoid not blowing up chunks of Earth with every little error and how is it possible for antimatter to exist in this universe and not be destroyed by regular (baryonic?) matter? Is there some sort of barrier between the two or do i not quite understand the make up of space?

grant hutchison
2009-Mar-31, 11:10 PM
I suspect we'd want to keep the antimatter well away from the surface of the Earth, to avoid just the sort of problems you mention.
And it turns out that there can't be much antimatter in the observable Universe, or we'd be picking up the characteristic gamma rays produced by the annihilation of a proton and antiproton. There seems to have been some fundamental asymmetry in the production of matter and antimatter in the early Universe. So if we want an antimatter rocket, we're going to have to make the antimatter ourselves.

Grant Hutchison