View Full Version : New Bill Would Extend Shuttle Life, but NASA Doesn't Need the Time

2009-Mar-31, 11:40 PM
The Senate Budget Committee has given the green light to fund NASA's shuttle program past the end of 2010, when the program is set to retire.But NASA isn't asking for an extension.Florida Sen. Bill Nelson requested the $2.5 billion provision, which was included*in the broader five-year spending plan that passed committee Monday afternoon. His office [...]

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2009-Apr-01, 12:28 AM
NASA is an agency of the government...part of that government includes Senators. The agency answers to the government and NASA is there to implement policy as directed by the government.

This senator questions NASA's ability to perform as expected. If history has any value then he has a lot to base his pessimism upon. The Shuttle flies at a fraction of the original number of flights once forecasted...and they tend to blow up now and then... with a year or more passing before another mission. It makes sense that the senator does not want to rely on NASA's predictions when those predictions have been flawed in the past. If the remaining missions are, indeed, of value then provisions need to be made to ensure they are carried out. It wouldn't help if engineers start retiring, contracts not tendered, service contracts let to expire, etc. and then a Shuttle blows up with a dozen missions left on the books. It's a HUGE infrastructure that can't just be thrown together after it starts being dismantled.