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2009-Apr-07, 06:22 AM
I'm not even sure if I should post this here? there does seem to be some elitism between posters and going by the rules it can be like treading on eggshells here!

But recently I was talking to friends trying to explain what limited grasp of the Cosmos I know, compared to what little thought I knew they had put into it.

I was trying to explain our three dimensions which they say they fully understand, so I thought ... OK lets go back a bit, two dimensions are still understandable to them at this point though.

Purely by accident I picked up my Kittens Toy ... it was one of those red laser pointers that Cats love to chase ... I pointed it to the centre of the room carpet as a red dot ( to try tease my Cat ) but it immediately struck me what a perfect illustration of another dimension this was. My cat can see it, it always moves quicker than him no matter how fast he runs ... it skates across floors, it flys up walls, it goes across the ceiling (in His Universe) if I stop the dot in front of him, he cant touch it, he cant smell it, he cant bite or taste it ... but he knows its there ... somehow.

If I really tease him with this one dimensional red dot and eventually let him catch it after slowing the dot to a snails pace ... and then Switch it OFF ... he is very frustrated and will look all around, wondering where this red dot dimension went.

I'm just rambling, so ignore me :)


2009-Apr-07, 06:26 AM
that was funny. :D

2009-Apr-07, 07:06 AM
that was funny. :D

Not if you are chasing a Dimension.

2009-Apr-07, 06:26 PM
Hi M311
Have you ever looked at the book Flatland?

It is a classic and does help charactorize extra dimensional relationships.