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2003-Dec-17, 02:42 PM

Alex W.
2003-Dec-17, 04:17 PM
I didn't realise Jupiter could be visible during the day, let alone resolvable to a disk! Hats off to the photographer! =D>

2003-Dec-17, 09:19 PM
Jupiter can be spotted during the day by a sharp eyed naked eye observer even. It usually helps if Jupiter is near the Moon at the time to give you a reference point.

Another trick you can use is look for Jupiter when it is 90 degrees from the Sun. At this time, Jupiter is in the polarization band. You can then use a polarizing filter to help you see Jupiter. The skylight is polarized, but Jupiter's light is not. Therefore, you block most of the skylight and increase the contrast between the background and Jupiter, making it surprisingly easy to see. I have used this trick several times to see Jupiter during the day (I have never succeeded in a true naked eye observation of Jupiter during the day, but not for lack of trying!)

I think this is the first picture I have ever seen of Jupiter during the day. Cool!


Alex W.
2003-Dec-17, 09:39 PM
I'll have to keep my eyes open.

If we get any clear skies... :-?

2003-Dec-18, 03:47 AM
One of the great features of a GoTo telescope is to set it up for solar viewing during the day, and then push a couple buttons and have it slew to one the planets. You usually have to slew around a little bit to find them, but once you aquire them it's no problem.

I've seen Jupiter numerous times like this, as well as Saturn (but nowhere near as clear), Jupiter's two main belts are usually visible. I've heard that Mars can also be viewed this way, but I've never tried myself.

2003-Dec-18, 07:42 PM
Fascinating. =D> =D> =D>