View Full Version : The STS-400 Shuttle Rescue Mission Scenario

2009-Apr-18, 02:20 AM
Two space shuttles now sit out on launch pads at Kennedy Space Center: Atlantis on 39B for the much anticipated Hubble Repair mission, scheduled to launch on May 12. Over on 39A sits Endeavour, making the slow journey there early on Friday and right now she is poised for the STS-400 LON (Launch [...]

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2009-Apr-18, 08:33 AM
My understanding of the risk is such that I except NASA has a very good grasp of the risk... debris from that collision has added to the already high risk potential. Once insertion into orbit at the Hubble altitude I will hold my breath for them as they work the magic... and the trip home. Knowing that on the adjacent launch pad is a craft ready for a rescue mission.. thats a comfort. Never before attained. Well done NASA.
I have saved that image.. Its not going to happen again.