View Full Version : Stars Strip Atmospheres of Close-forming Planets

2009-Apr-20, 11:40 PM
It may be a while yet before astronomers agree on a standard model for planet formation around stars. Until recently, after all, Earthlings lacked reliable techniques for glimpsing much beyond our own solar system. Based on our own backyard, one prevailing theory is that rocky planets like Mercury, Earth and Mars form slowly, close to the [...]

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Jeff Root
2009-Apr-21, 12:57 AM
The team used computer models to study the possible atmospheric
mass loss over a stellar lifecycle for exoplanets at orbiting
distances of less than 0.06 AU, where the planetary and stellar
parameters are very well known from observations.

Mercury is our only neighbor orbiting the Sun in that range;
Venus orbits at about .72 AUs.
Mercury's mean distance from the Sun is 0.387 AU.
Its perihelion distance is 0.3068 AU and aphelion is 0.4659 AU.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis