View Full Version : Another bizarre topic from LEMUR

2003-Dec-21, 02:55 AM
Here is another bizarre thing from the LEMUR site. This one is about underground cities on Mars, and a Martian UFO shooting down the Russian space probe Phobos 2. Anyone care to comment ?


2003-Dec-21, 05:18 PM
It (http://www.skiesare.demon.co.uk/phobufo.jpg) looks noise on photographic material. I have seen many similar "anomalies" being generated during analog satellite image acquisition. The process is rather clumsy, consisting on photographing the horizontal line on the oscilloscope screen, the brightness of the electron beam is proportional to the input signal coming from the satellite, each time, the film is scrolled by the width of one line. The final product is a complete image on photographic film, no computers involved. This process, of course, can generate many noises on the images.

That image don't seem to be digital. :-k

2003-Dec-21, 08:17 PM
This is a long-lasting topic for the woo-woos. Some of them are convinced that the Russian space probe got too close to the aliens on Phobos and was therefore shot down.

2003-Dec-21, 08:25 PM
I can't believe they are still tlaking about the smoke stacks on the moon. And, what happened to jay over there? Did he decide it was a waste of time?

The Supreme Canuck
2003-Dec-22, 12:38 AM
I wouldn't blame him.

Night G
2003-Dec-28, 01:08 AM
A 15.5 mile long UFO and this is only photograph ever taken? And the Russians were stupid enough not to notice? Gosh, I'm convinced. It also looks like they are still trying to join two halves of the "face" in Photoshop again to make it look more "human". If I had that much free time I would be a professional Photoshop artist by now.