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2009-Apr-29, 01:32 AM
If/When the shuttle is shot up into space how do you take a picture of the space shuttle from earth?

I'm assuming its not as simple as pointing your camera into the heavens and hoping that the shuttle is somewhere in your lens' view :D.

Oh and as this is my first post on this forum I'd also like to say hi!

2009-Apr-29, 01:38 AM
It depends on how far up it is. Are you talking about taking a picture as it roars off the launch pad, or when it is already in orbit?

2009-Apr-29, 01:40 AM
When its in orbit.

Sorry, should have been clearer :P.

Nowhere Man
2009-Apr-29, 02:02 AM

One resource is http://www.heavens-above.com. Give them your location, and if the shuttle is flying, it can say if/when it will be visible. It can do the same for the ISS.


2009-Apr-29, 02:05 AM
Wow thankyou, great resource :D

2009-Apr-29, 02:07 AM
Hi tsommerville and welcome to BAUT.

For the actual photography side of it, I'd recommend having a look through the Astrophotography Forum (http://www.bautforum.com/astrophotography/) and contacting one of the guys from there who have done something similar. They may not read this part of the forum but would be the most qualified to answer this question. Contact them via private message and ask them to come and answer the question here.

I'm pretty sure the forum member called iceman (http://www.bautforum.com/members/iceman.html) has taken photos of the shuttle and ISS before so he might be a good place to start.