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2003-Dec-23, 06:47 PM
From this web page (http://KenCroswell.com/talks.html), here are the approximate landing times on Mars:

Eastern Time:

Beagle 2: December 24, 9:54 pm
Spirit: January 3, 11:35 pm
Opportunity: January 25, 12:05 am

Central Time:

Beagle 2: December 24, 8:54 pm
Spirit: January 3, 10:35 pm
Opportunity: January 24, 11:05 pm

Mountain Time:

Beagle 2: December 24, 7:54 pm
Spirit: January 3, 9:35 pm
Opportunity: January 24, 10:05 pm

Pacific Time:

Beagle 2: December 24, 6:54 pm
Spirit: January 3, 8:35 pm
Opportunity: January 24, 9:05 pm.

Previous Mars landings by NASA:

Viking 1--July 20, 1976--successful
Viking 2--September 3, 1976--successful
Pathfinder--July 4, 1997--successful]
Mars Polar Lander--1999-unsuccessful

mike alexander
2003-Dec-23, 09:45 PM
Thanks. Any ideas where real-time updates will be available?(Cable, satellite, Web?)


Got it, couple of threads down.

2003-Dec-23, 10:35 PM
There is more on this thread.... here (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=10050)

As I recall, the coverage will actually begin about 20 minutes earlier than stated above.

2003-Dec-24, 07:43 AM
We won't find out about Beagle 2 until Mars Express enters orbit about three hours after it. Then some time to communicate the information back to Earth. It'll be 1am EST or later on December until we actually find out if the lander survived.

2003-Dec-24, 10:40 AM

2003-Dec-24, 11:08 AM
i think 25th 7:00 UT (gmt) is the earliest possible communications with beagle...via Nasa's Odyssey orbiter..but that only will have about 10 minutes to find it and establish communications.
The fate of beagle will only really be known 25th 22:45 UT, when direct contact should be made

2003-Dec-24, 08:42 PM
Some information here, hope it helps!

repeat from some other posts! :D