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2009-Apr-30, 06:00 PM
The blogosphere and Twitterverse has been buzzing the past couple of days with NASA what-ifs and possibilities. But that usually happens whenever there are Congressional hearings about our favorite space agency. Here’s the run-down of what is really happening: No extra money has been given to extend the shuttle [...]

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2009-May-01, 06:56 PM
In this weeks SPACE NEWS Griffin praises the President himself but unloads on his staffers.
Obama needs new people. What happened is that some folks who were enemies of Mike G saw weakness, jumped on an opportunity with 'change' and with all the space advocacy in-fighting and no unified voice...well, you know the rest.

2009-May-02, 05:06 AM
Personally, I don't see the private manned space travel really opening up until manned extra orbital flights become somewhat commonplace. After all, orbit, while fun for the ultra rich tourist set, just takes you round and round and you end up pretty much where you started. Suborbital theme park rides like SpaceShip 1, even more so.
I am not disparaging those efforts though, just pointing out what I perceive to be some of their market limitations.