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2009-May-01, 10:58 PM
How much money does the government have to give NASA over the next 50 years ?

I would bet that its going to be hard to produce that mars trip and moon base with the dollar so weak now days and the dept growing faster than ice cream can melt .

what do you think about the FUTURE ? will we have any money to do much of nothing or do we have hope that we will do something someday when we save some new pennies ?

my question is this ....Does Nasa have the money to do what they wanted to 7 years ago about mars and moon ?

2009-May-01, 11:09 PM

May I make a friendly moderator suggestion? Slow down a bit. You are posting a whole lot of things, about a whole lot of topics, in a very short time. A lot of the things you are posting have been discussed before on here. And many of the things you are posting are in the wrong forum.

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2009-May-01, 11:32 PM
I will slow down now .

I got all my questions out in the open . People now can see topics from me from news i found

There is more rules of the board ? . when I joined I saw some rules but il go read the others now .

2009-May-01, 11:45 PM
NASA is an agency of the U.S. Federal government. The government is chosen by the People. In the next 50 years there will be 12 Presidential elections and twice that many for the House, etc.

One can't determine in 2009 what the goals of NASA will be in 20 years or 50 years. They take direction from the government.

Over the next '7 years' is easier to comment on. I'm guessing the government will re-eaxamine what it wants NASA to accomplish over the next decade. ... and give more time to properly achieve a return to the Moon. A man on the Moon by 2025 or so. The longer time line will be doable with NASAs current budget.

2009-May-02, 12:20 AM
The government is chosen by the People ?

what about in 2000 ?

what kind of people was that real humans or virtual memory lol

Van Rijn
2009-May-02, 12:35 AM
I'd respond, but that's politics, and well outside the limited space/science related exceptions.

I'd strongly recommend reading the board rules:


2009-May-02, 12:41 AM
ok I am going to read them right now ..

The moderator told me to go read them before but I forgot . IL go do that right this sec

2009-May-02, 12:46 AM
Poor NASA. Always at the mercy of constantly changing politicians. I seriously am beginning to doubt that NASA will get us back to the moon. Especially considering NASA doesn't even have a Admin right now! That shows the lack of leadership evident in the agency.

2009-May-02, 12:48 AM
The government is chosen by the People ?

what about in 2000 ?

what kind of people was that real humans or virtual memory lol

Politics is not to be discussed. The kind of comment you made leads to (written) conflict, that we just don't want.

2009-May-02, 05:30 AM
Because this seems to be about politics here, for the moment I am locking this thread