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2003-Dec-24, 09:40 PM
For people in Southern California KNX1070 http://www.knx1070.com/ will be broadcasting the Apollo 11 mission from 1-3pm PST. Being Christmas you would have thought they would broadcast the Apollo 8 mission. Still pretty neat though :D

man on the moon
2003-Dec-25, 01:26 AM
darn you for raising hopes faseciously! i opened the thread in hopes i had won a lottery to leave for the moon...but alas. :cry:

still, that is pretty cool, get to see man step on the moon for the "first" time again. (not that i did the first time).

i agree, the apollo 8 mission was pretty neat. that was the one where they did an orbit of the moon, and read genesis 1, correct? on christmas day? my details may be mixed up but anything near or on the moon is way cool as far as i'm concerned. i don't think i'll watch because i'm east of the mississippi, but it's neat to know it's happening.

oh yeah, and merry christmas all. :)

edited to add:
(not that i did thd first time) i was not yet born...otherwise i would have :wink:

die Nullte
2003-Dec-25, 01:36 AM
I listened to a radio account of Apollo 8 while lying on my cot in Vietnam. In a way, this thrilled me more than the actual "one small step" a few months later. I felt that the Chestley Bonestell paintings in books like "the Conquest of the Moon" had come to life. The future was now.

Peter B
2003-Dec-29, 05:23 AM
And here in Canberra, one of our local TV stations is screening "From the Earth to the Moon" again.

For any other Canberrans, it's at 9am on Sundays on WIN. "1968", the episode covering Apollo 8, was on last Sunday.

2003-Dec-29, 02:19 PM
I just received the "From Earth to the Moon" on DVD as a present and have started watching it (don't have HBO, so I didn't see it the first time).

It got me to thinking about all the lunar conspiracy woowoo's. I don't think their biggest problem is their lack of facts, their warped logic, or their paranoia about "black helocopter" type government conspiracies. Their biggest problem is their lack of soul. I don't mean in a religous sense, but I mean in a lack of "the sense of wonder", in an appreciation for the wonder of existence. The lunar landings were one of the greatest, defining moments in human history. I was ten and I shared an amazing moment in time with a few billion of my fellow humans. The photos of Earth from lunar orbit (like the Earth rise pictures) were a defining symbol of the 20th century and permanently changed our view of ourselves in the Universe. And these people are completely blind to all of that. Its kind of sad.

2003-Dec-29, 04:02 PM
Swift, you need to take a look at For All Mankind (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0780022319/qid=1072713515/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/104-5656222-1522344?v=glance&s=dvd). It's directed by the screenwriter for Apollo 13 and uses NASA film footage (which they had to thaw out, it being kept in liquid nitrogen). The clarity of the images is just amazing and blows away any of the other shots I've seen. One look at that film, and you know there's no way we could have faked the landings, the image detail level is just too great.

Peter B
2003-Dec-31, 12:11 PM
In fact, call me a nerd or a geek, or an Apollo tragic, but I've also just bought the three volumes of the Apollo 11 Mission Summary.

It's quite something to watch the DAC footage of the landing with the voices of the crew and Mission Control added.