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pi is exactly 3
2003-Dec-31, 12:10 AM
I don't know how many here subscribe to Skynews since it's a canadian magazine. This issue's got a 22 x 16 poster of the cassini jupiter image and NGC3370 on the back. Quite impressive. Does anyone know how to get it out of the magazine without damaging it or having to take apart the whole mag. It's not in the center so the staple doesn't go through it so you have to take apart the mag if you want to get it out.

If you don't subscribe it's almost worth buying for the poster it's only $4.25 canadian. I think you can order from www.skynewsmagazine.com

2003-Dec-31, 04:44 AM
What you do is go ahead and dismantle the magazine in order to get the two pages of the poster out intact, and then you cover them with a couple of self-adhesive laminating sheets (http://www.office1000.com/discount/laminating-sheets-self-adhesive.html) (sold at office supply stores), and then you tape them together. This makes for a sturdier poster than just the two un-laminated paper pages taped together.

Then you get a three-hole punch, and you punch holes in the remainder of the magazine, and put it into a ring binder or a prong folder.

Because you have to get your priorities straight, and a cool astronomy poster is much more important than an intact magazine... :D

2003-Dec-31, 08:29 AM