View Full Version : Is Everything Made of Mini Black Holes?

2009-May-15, 05:30 AM
In 1971 physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that there might be “mini” black holes all around us that were created by the Big Bang. The violence of the rapid expansion following the beginning of the Universe could have squeezed concentrations of matter to form miniscule black holes, so small they can’t even be seen in [...]

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2009-May-16, 02:01 PM
This is silly. The only attribute assignable to a Black Hole is an accretion ring: It is a mathematical vortex that eats everything. When you add new properties, they have to be consistent with the basic premise. If 'mini black holes' exist, they should be eating everything, accreting matter indiscriminately. On the Planck scale, we know matter is discrete and stable: No observed changes, no proton decay. That is inconsistent with the BH premise and it has to be summarily dismissed...unless things start disappearing.

2009-May-16, 03:48 PM
[...] unless things start disappearing.

Funny. I just did laundry and one of my socks is missing.

I'm struggling with the apparent recursive nature of the scenario. Mini-black holes were created when matter was squeezed, and now all particles (matter) might be stabilized mini-black holes. So was the matter that was first squeezed into mini-black holes actually mini-black holes? And so on.

Fortunately, I'm not intrigued enough to delve into the paper. I don't think it will help restore even parity to my sock count.

2009-May-17, 05:50 AM
Funny. I just did laundry and one of my socks is missing.

Do you use a front loader or a top loader?
Top loaders are notorious sock eaters.
I don't think they clean as well either

2009-May-17, 11:37 PM
Gad, I forgot about that! Check the specs: All clothes dryers come with their own mbh's...they are all over the drum.

2009-May-18, 07:50 PM
Yes, socks due to the "smelly factor" have transmuted their atoms so that the electron shell IS the accretion disk, with the subatomic particles as stacked spheres to small and rigind to fall into the BH at the very center they co-rotate... oh wait this isn't ATM....