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Elmer Fudd
2004-Jan-04, 01:31 AM
ok this isnt strictly an astronomy question
i have to organise a company race day for work and some clients etc at a local gokart track.
we want to make a bit fair and fun for the people that aren't complete rev heads
so given that every cart is the same( well in theory !) i thought there must be a simple formula to account for the weight difference between drivers and give out a trophy for the best speed to weight ratio
i have had personal experiance with this when some little 50kg punk goes past on the long straight and then cant drive for @#$T when he gets to the corners and holds you up
anyway enough ranting
is there a simple formula to work this out ??

Charlie in Dayton
2004-Jan-04, 02:40 AM
Make up your own...something like lap speed in seconds / driver weight gives you a factor to multiply the lap time by.

30 sec lap / 150 lb driver = speed factor of 0.2
30 sec lap * 0.2 = 6
30 * 6 = 180

30 sec lap / 300 lb driver = speed factor of .1
30 sec lap * .1 = 3
30 * 3 = 90

30 sec lap / 218 lb driver = speed factor of .137
30 sec lap * .137 = 4.11
30 * 4.11 = 123.3

18 sec lap / 300 lb driver = speed factor of .06
30 sec lap * .06 = 1.8
30 * 1.8 = 54

Low factored lap time wins it all...or something like that...just bring along a bathroom scale, and hope no one's too sensitive about their weight to enter.

2004-Jan-04, 03:48 AM
For the briefest instant when I saw the subject line of this post I thought "gokarts" and "drivers" were some kind of exotic subatomic particles.

2004-Jan-04, 04:15 AM
I don't know the design of the go carts that you are using, but they usually have a regulator on them to keep the speed from getting too high.

When I was in high school, I went to a go cart track that used a simple regulator...a small knot in the cable attached to the accelerator kept you from pushing the pedal past a certain point. I realized that this cable run under the seat of the car and I was able to grab it on the other side of the knot and pull, hence bypassing their primitive regulator. I was blasting past everyone in spite of being a relatively big person 8)

So check out how the speed is regulated and you might find a loophole!


Kaptain K
2004-Jan-04, 04:20 AM
Theoretically, weight does not affect top speed. It does however, affect acceleration.