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2004-Jan-04, 05:54 PM
I recently (about three minutes ago, actually) decided to challenge (well, the quizzes were not much of a challenge. To be honest, they were not as complex as I had primarily hoped) my brain with the three Mars trivia quizzes on http://www.nasa.gov Who else has had the opporunity to take them? What score did you receive?

I managed to achieve a 9/10 on the initial quiz, 'History and Culture' (question #5 is evil), a 10/10 on the penultimate quiz, 'Mars: Extreme Planet', and another 9/10 on the final quiz, 'Spacecraft and Exploration' (question #8 is evil). So, in conclusion, my score was 28/30. A 93%, an A. :)

How well do you believe you can score? The quizzes are...well, simple. Very simple, obviously directed towards the majority of people who do not follow astronomy at all and lack the knowledge of it to undertake a severely grueling quiz. If I can obtain a 28/30, and I do not follow astronomy quite as closely as most here do, surely most of the BABBers who congregate here can achieve a net score of 30/30. If not... [-X

2004-Jan-04, 07:43 PM
:oops: I think I'm gonna have to hit the books. I only scored 24/30!

I didn't know the name of the Martian who says: "That makes me very angry!" I didn't know the mnemonic. (Do I get a bonus point for not needing it? :D ) I fell into the trap in Mars: Extreme Planet, Question 1 (about Mars' landmass) I'm not at all sure they have the right answer to Question 2: On average, how far is Mars from Earth? I went for (d). Perhaps they meant, On average, about how far is Mars from Earth at opposition? The next question is far from nitpick-proof. I got it wrong. Since I don't use obsolete units like Fahrenheit (and was too lazy to convert them to Celsius), I guessed the average temperature on Mars. And I was right! :o I got the year for Viking 1 wrong. I got the evil question #8 right. Bonus point? :wink:
By the way, if you take the test again and get 30/30, you unlock a secret site! :o

2004-Jan-04, 08:18 PM
24/30 :(

But I got 10/10 on the history section. :)

- never heard of the mnemonic but guessed and got it right
- messed up the Viking 1 year, also missed the 'earliest spacecraft' question.
- wasn't fooled by the landmass question but got it wrong anyway due to poor estimation on my part
- Farenheit problems, see Eroica's post above, except I got it wrong.

2004-Jan-22, 06:45 PM
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