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2004-Jan-05, 05:26 PM
Earth transit will happen on Mars on November 10th, 2084 UTC. Spirit's landing site, Gusev Crater is one of the best location to observe the transit.

Contact I: 02:04:58 UTC, 10:11:55 LMZT
Contact II: 02:23:38 UTC, 10:30:05 LMZT
Greatest: 06:14:25 UTC, 14:14:42 LMZT
Contact III: 10:06:22 UTC, 18:00:26 LMZT
Contact IV: 10:25:14 UTC, 18:18:48 LMZT

UTC: Coordinated Universal Time
LMZT: Local Mean Zonal Time at Gusev Crater, Mars

If human has already been to Mars then...

2004-Jan-05, 05:36 PM
Be there or be square!