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2009-Jun-09, 10:03 PM
Photo set at Flickr: Night (http://www.flickr.com/photos/disciple96/sets/72157618981355684/)

When I was a kid, I got my first telescope and spent many summer nights in the backyard, swatting mosquitoes and staring at the moon in amazement. I still have that little telescope, but it's practically useless for my new interest in astrophotography. Currently I'm using a Canon Rebel XSi DSLR with a 55-250mm zoom lens with a ball head tripod, and I use the self-timer set to 10 seconds. I adjust the contrast and sharpening later in Photoshop Elements. Soon I plan to run the camera through my laptop to cut down even further on possible vibrations. I'll post more photos as I learn more and my photos improve. :)

My photos at Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/disciple96/)

2009-Jun-09, 11:12 PM
Quite nice actually, well done.

paul f. campbell
2009-Jun-10, 12:20 AM
Hey Wayfarer.
Your work is very good. Nice storm photos and the animal photos were great captures. It looks like the bad land trip was a good thing. Clear skie to you Paul.