View Full Version : 30-50 closest G2V Spectral Class Stars?

2009-Jun-13, 02:05 AM

Could someone please direct me to a good data source for a list of the closest 30 or 50 G2V spectral class stars?

Also, what additional spectral class stars have been postulated as star types that could include terrestrial-type life-supporting planets?

Many thanks, and the greatest thanks to the researchers out there who every day push back the limits of possibility and cement in our minds that our universe is far too big and far too rich with variation and possibility to rule out life on other worlds.

What I would not give for a glimpse of the life of Homo Sapiens Astra 10,000 years from now. That is the basis of my inquiry, because there is no possible way that our species will not become a space-faring species, and of course, who can imagine what will occur when our outer bands of civilization and colonization bump into that of another space-faring race. Peace? War? Or more than likely, both?


2009-Jun-13, 04:08 AM
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In your poll, what do you mean by "off-world" colonies? Colonies within our solar system or colonies around other star systems?

I think there is a pretty good chance that within the next 1000 yrs, we will have established colonies within our solar system (meaning self-sufficient or nearly so): Moon, Mars, the dwarf planet Ceres, an asteroid or two, and maybe a moon or two of one of the gas giants. As far as interstellar travel, I have my doubts if that will ever be feasible.