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Mr. X
2002-Apr-02, 01:27 AM
How the google search engine works!

Google Technology (http://www.google.com/technology/pigeonrank.html)

2002-Apr-02, 01:52 AM
An hundred guffaws! That's elegant!

(Best, I think it might actually work!)


2002-Apr-02, 04:32 AM
Thanks! I'd seen the link on their page and thought, oh that's interesting I suppose it's all about web-bots and all, and decided not to bother. Very funny!

--Don Stahl

2002-Apr-02, 10:18 AM
<a name="20020402.4:04"> page 20020402.4:04 aka Google search?
On 2002-04-01 23:32, DStahl wrote: To: HUb'
among others..
Not being much of a web searcher myself
I seldom if ever use Google. though i know
of its existance & have for some years..
I wish them continued funding ax_tully
and a continued connection to electricity?
from BPA's my guess Now about those {oh never mind}
4:08 A.M. PST {97209} not that far from Dam #1