View Full Version : History of Iron Yields New Insight Into Earth’s Deepest Reaches

2009-Jun-16, 10:10 PM
Earth may have given up its innermost secrets to a pair of California geochemists, who have used extensive computer simulations to piece together the earliest history of our planet’s core.This schematic of Earth’s crust and mantle shows the results of their study, which found extreme pressures would have concentrated iron’s heavier isotopes near the bottom [...]

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2009-Jun-18, 03:15 PM
Fraser. Interesting article. There's a way to get to even higher pressures, too. The carbon in most diamond-anvil presses is usually a naturally occurring mix of isotopes. Shottky and Frenkel defects lead to crystalline shear failure, but the use of pure C-13 has been shown to have higher strength. Not as difficult to do as one would imagine (unfortunately).

see:http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5540904.html One should be able to make them purer than this, too.