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2009-Jun-17, 02:22 AM

Please excuse the quality of my English, it is not my first language. Than You

In the pandemic of 1918-192? a strange influenza virus behavior happened.

At the end of October of 1918, doctors in;
Mumbai, Shangai, Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, etc..
as can see in Medical records
that the A H1N1 virus of that pandemic observed until then as a mild one, suddenly in all above city whithin few days became virulent and caused between 5o to 100 millions deaths, probably more. (600 000 deaths in U.S. alone).

91 years later with our knowledge in Genetics, we are pondering on ''enshrine'' properties inside the virus that would, ubiquitously unfold a different genetic properties that our specie perceived as ''virulence''.

One of the first path explored was of course the effects of generational replication.

Ponderings came to the notion that maybe once a virus has been transmitted trough different hosts, after a certain quantity it then transformed itself to another level of virulence.

But the ubiquity transformation of the virus in synchrone in different continents, Northern as Southern Hemisphere, in different climates ruled out the precisions of the notions of Reassortment, Drift, Recombination, etc..

My question is,

In a Solar minimum as we are now experiencing and all its real effects in Public Health, Agricultures are obvious.

If I look at the Solar Minimum Effects on Earth, I need to learn about one additionnal factor wich is the effects of the positions of our Solar System Planets on our Solar Wind in a Solar Minimum.

I think it is reasonnable to say that a global event such as a specifical event happening in our Solar System having molecular impact could be the source of such an instantenious effect globally.

How was our Solar System in September, October, November 1918 ?

Thank you very much for Hints and Direction


2009-Jun-17, 02:30 AM
How was our Solar System in September, October, November 1918 ?
Solar System simulation (http://www.faustweb.net/solaris/)

2009-Jun-17, 02:39 AM
Peters Creek

I hope this more precise question could lead to precise answers.

An airborne virus is positively charge and suffice of one negative ion attracted to the positively charge membrane of the virus to stop the replication process, these are observation on a micro level.

Considering the effect of Solar Wind on Bacterias even in the upper athmosphere it is logical and proved that the negative ion density has an impact on viruses.

Now I research in a very specific timeframe, that is Seeptember, October and November of 1918 although virulence appeared in few parts of the World even in August 1918.

Not knowledgable in Astronomy I first limit my observations on our Solar System but it could be a specific Astronomical Event like a sudden burst of Rays, of Waves and Winds, I do not have a clue.

But we have not yet found a ''Trigger" within the virus that can generate ubiquitous transformation of a virus globally.

I am just trying to find out 'if' a cosmic or Solar System events or layout that have generate a specific event within this precise timeframe.

I have no Agenda except one Objective as an Humanitarian, that is to reduce morbidity and mortality, and Knowledge on the causes help us.

Thank you


2009-Jun-17, 02:41 AM