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2009-Jun-18, 02:24 AM
I have an art history question. (Why ask it here? I don't want to join an art history forum just to ask this one question. I'm in too many forums already. So where else can I go? FedoraForum? The woodworking forum? ToyotaNation? This place is my best shot.)

In her 1849 book "Original Treatises, Dating from the XIIth to the XVIIIth Centuries on the Arts of Painting, Volume II", Mary Philadelphia Merrifield translates part of the work "On The Restoration Of The Royal Paintings Under The Venetian Government" by Pietro Edwards. On p862-863, Edwards mentions a robbery of part of a Titian painting. He says a square of canvas abut 5 by 5 inches that contained the head in the painting called (by Edwards) "Faith" was cut out and stolen in 1777. There some unclear language about the painting being restored. I interpret it to mean that someone painted a new head and put it in the picture. It also says that the same restorer( who may have been Edwards himself) "filled up the empty space remaining in the Adoration of Bonifazio, by inserting the head of one of the Magi", which may have been stolen by the same robber.

I can't find any modern information about these events. Does the painting "Faith" still exist? Does it still have the restored head?

2009-Jul-01, 12:49 PM
I assume it's this painting:


Doge Antonio Grimani Kneeling before the Faith

It still exists, it can be found in the Doge's Palace, Venice.

(it was mentioned in Titian's wikipedia page by the way.)

2009-Jul-02, 03:24 AM
Thank you for that idea and that link. I had imagined the painting as being smaller, so I couldn't understand how it would survive losing a 5 by 5 square of canvas.

captain swoop
2009-Jul-02, 07:46 AM
It's threads like this that make me love BAUT.
Where else can you ask a question like this and get a useful reply so quickly?

2009-Jul-02, 10:21 AM
If I'd spotted the thread earlier, I'd have answered within the hour. :)

2009-Jul-06, 01:38 AM
...a Titian painting...http://www.bautforum.com/images/icons/icon2.gif
...Left unfinished at the painter's death and saved from a fire in the Doge's Palace, it was completed by Marco Vecellio, Titian's nephew...
Web Gallery of Art (http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/t/tiziano/07_1570s/09grima1.html)

2009-Jul-06, 02:16 AM
The thread has established that the painting apparently still exists. But we still haven't figured out who painted the head of the Faith. Pietro Edwards?

Trying to find an authoritative site for famous paintings on the web is a hard job. The searches are populated by places that want to sell reproductions. The web galleries are interesting, but where did they get their information? I'd think that the website (if any) of the organization that owns the original would be an authority. It's probably in Italian.

2009-Jul-06, 02:56 AM
...and the 5" square?...why was it removed and where might it be, if it still exists :confused: