View Full Version : Manned Solar Plane Will Attempt Flight Around the World

2009-Jun-26, 07:10 PM
A man who circled the globe in a balloon in 1999 has a new global adventure planned. Bertrand Piccard has unveiled a prototype of a solar-powered plane he hopes to fly around the world. Until now, only unmanned solar airplanes have been flown, but Piccard's HB-SIA would be manned. The glider-like [...]

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2009-Jun-26, 07:14 PM
What's really funny is now much this looks like the plane from the first issue of Marvel Adventures Iron Man.

2009-Jun-26, 07:19 PM
Well, it's like going into space. You need to bring your food and water.
Auto pilot should do well at altitude. At 25,000 feet, it must be a little bit tender, and you need to get around cumulonimbus.. in a big way. He'll need oxygen support as well. They didn't specify but do you know if there is any
provision for limited cabin pressure? Hmmmm....... Curious.
Best regards,Sir.