View Full Version : The Mother of All Bolides!

Hat Monster
2004-Jan-16, 07:58 PM
I've just seen what the title says. Heading from north to south across the eastern sky, a train stretching half...more...of the sky and with a head about a quarter of a degree My dad got a better view of it than me, I caught just it flying over and behind the houses to the south east of us (we were stood in front of the house, which is facing south), he saw it coming, he describes it as "a ball with sparks shooting out of the back" and saw it the same size as I did.
Now I've seen fireballs and bolides before...but with a head half the size of the full moon?

[edit: more accurate description]

2004-Jan-16, 08:53 PM
:o It's Planet X!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!!!!! :o

Seriously, sounds cool. I've seen a couple of spectacular meteors in my time, but nothing like that.