View Full Version : Solar winds vs. Earth Revolution

2009-Jul-22, 11:51 PM
I am not really sure how to phrase this question...but I thought I would try all the same.

The sun is putting out massive amount of Photons, solar winds, radiation...etc. There is a lot of mass coming out from the sun in every direction. This amount of mass is hitting the Earth as it revolves around the sun.

So...not only is the earth being hit by the mass perpendicular to the sun...pushing the earth away, but also hitting them parallel to the the sun...in essense slowing us down.

Are the combined forces of centripital force, the force of the solar winds pushing the earth (and all planets) away from the sun, and the slowing down from hitting that mass all keeping us where we are distance wise from the sun? Or are we in fact slowing down, and getting pushed away from the sun?