View Full Version : NASAJPL 'Free Spirit' Live Chat - 07/23/09

2009-Jul-24, 05:02 AM
Attended the Live Chat Thursday on UStream, haven't seen it mentioned on the boards here as of yet - links follow:

Free Spirit Live Chat - Part 1 With John Callas (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1858490)

Free Spirit Live Chat - Part 2 With Ashley Stroupe (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1858690)

Everyone involved did a wonderful job, fielding and answering the many questions, quite a few of which were posed more than once. :)

A few elements came to light which will likely prove significant in the process being undertaken, one of which seems to be a better modeling of the soil. Once the test bed is reconfigured, it should be interesting to see what differences if any result from the changes.

Pretty much all of the basic aspects of the situation were covered - addressing how the wheels could be manipulated, how the arm could potentially be used, and what could not be done etc...a 'tank turn' seemed to be the most popular and possible idea, and one which it appeared would be attempted at some point in the effort.

I have my own idea on how to free the rover, but I'm still collecting data. :D

I recommend the cast to anyone interested in the Spirit's plight - very informative!

2009-Jul-24, 06:13 AM
this thread just made me aware that for probably the first time since the rovers landed, the thread about the rovers isn't on page one on my computer.. in fact, it's not even on page 2.. it's on page 3 and hasn't had a posting since July 5..

2009-Jul-24, 06:16 AM
I had noticed that, hence the posting. :)