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2009-Jul-30, 04:48 PM
Sorry about that, I posted in the wrong part of the forum (It should be in the astronomy equipment section). So I'll post some pics I took anyway. They were taken with a digital camera to the eyepiece.
Hello everyone,

I bought an Antares 12" Dobsonian some time in May. It is an f/4.5 and I've been impressed by what details it can reveal on the moon, which is a big upgrade from a 4.5" scope. So here's my question, is my telescope performing at it's max? I can't photograph nebulae, but when I view what seems to be the Omega Nebula, what I mostly see is just a Grey haze. I really only see the ribbon looking part of the nebula and not the things around it. Is this the best a 12" can do? Is my telescope not collimated? I live just south of Barrie, Ontario where the milky way is partly visible when looking at the sky 35 degrees above the horizon (or higher). It was a steady night with no wind. So would anybody give me some thoughts or perhaps images of what I should expect to see with my own eyes when looking through a 12" reflector? As for the Eagle Nebula, I wasn't able to see anything but the group of stars that are in the same place as the nebulae.