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Prester John
2004-Jan-20, 10:01 AM
If you look at the raw MOC Mars Global surveyor images you can see some darned interesting looking objects: (NB disclaimer)


scroll to bottom left images, top one of the two looks best.

Now does anyone have a proper decompressed version of this or similar images as:


claims they show life on Mars. I can't d/l the decompressor and viewer at the moment.

2004-Jan-20, 11:22 AM
Wishful thinking and the immediate knee jerk reaction tells my brain “Hey look! It’s some kind of tree or shrub type growth!” Sadly, those ‘shrub’ looking things would have to be HUGE, because even though it’s a closer look at the surface it’s still pretty far up. If my thinking is right, we’d be able to snap a picture of Spirit or one of the Viking Landers and see it in detail. But… I could be wrong.

I looked at the other pictures in that URL and it would be cool to see what those dark spots really are… perhaps color photos would clear things up a bit.

Prester John
2004-Jan-21, 12:31 PM
Anyone please ? I have tried but cannot dl or decompress the images. I have the NASAview prog if anyone has the MOC files of the image.

Prester John
2004-Jan-21, 01:11 PM
Any newer information available than this artilce from SPACE.COM ?


2004-Jan-21, 01:24 PM
I asume these have not been seen before so my question is this.
Are we seeing them because this is the first time we have had the technology to seen this close or is it because they are new and have appeared since the last time we looked?

Prester John
2004-Jan-21, 01:54 PM
The article is space.com is from 2001

2004-Jan-21, 02:33 PM
The article is space.com is from 2001

This has been known about for 2 and a half years??

Did I miss a memo? :lol:

So in that time has anyone worked out what it is?

2004-Jan-22, 01:23 AM
Its funny that these photos have hardly been mentioned over the last 2 and a half years...With all the publicity that the stupid 'face on mars' has had over the years, I would think that photos showing possible vegetation on mars, would have received alot more attention than it has...I am surprised that Hoagland, and his team has not latched onto them, and made a big deal out of it...Anyways they certainly are interesting features on the martian surface whatever it is...

2004-Jan-22, 01:24 AM
Yes this is old news.

The Explanation (http://www.msss.com/mars_images/moc/8_10_99_releases/moc2_166/index.html).

MOC Image in question (http://www.msss.com/moc_gallery/m07_m12/images/M08/M0804688.html).