View Full Version : Top Five Celestial Objects Anyone Can See With a Small Telescope

2009-Jul-31, 09:50 PM
Popular Mechanics has a great series of articles today on amateur astronomy, including Affordable Ways to Become an Amateur Astronomer, and How to Computerize Your Telescope. But my favorite is the Top Five Galactic Bodies Anyone Can See With a Cheap Telescope. Number one on the list is the Orion Nebula, above. [...]

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2009-Jul-31, 10:00 PM
My list would include:

The Moon - My first scope and I spent many hours with a National Geographic moon map checking off each crater we could see.

Moons of Jupiter - Change is hard to see in most observable objects but not so with the moons of Jupiter.

Rings of Saturn - OK, so they looked like mouse ears but they were still very cool to look at.

2009-Aug-01, 02:53 PM
My top five would be:
- Saturn
- Whirpool galaxy (with enough aperture)
- M13
- Orion Nebula
- Pleiades