View Full Version : Plains of Titan to be Named for "Dune" Novels

2009-Aug-05, 03:40 AM
Titan's mysterious dark plains will be named after planets in the series of "Dune" science fiction novels by author Frank Herbert. The US Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center announced the first plain or "planitia" given a name will be designated as Chusuk Planitia. Chusuk was a planet from the Dune series, known for [...]

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2009-Aug-05, 03:40 AM
Horrible concession to the startrek lobby.

2009-Aug-05, 08:25 AM
Horrible concession to the startrek lobby.

What has star trek got to do with Dune?

2009-Aug-05, 09:12 PM
I kind of like that one!!!!

Now, when we discover worms on Titan....

Paul Beardsley
2009-Aug-05, 09:24 PM
What has star trek got to do with Dune?

I think timb is more thinking in terms of the mentality than Star Trek per se.

There is a tendency to elevate elements of pop culture to levels that are, frankly, cringe-inducing - and I say this as someone who values the Dune novels. (Well, the first two or three.)

Then again, I'm not entirely sure where to draw the line. Naming a couple of rocks on Mars after Wallace and Gromit seems perfectly acceptable - they're minor features when all's said and done. But I think major features need to be named after relevant people (e.g. scientists involved in their discovery) or else something evocative or descriptive. (Wasn't the Syrtis Major also called the Hourglass Sea? Okay, so it's not a sea, but at least it was an intelligent guess.)