View Full Version : Kepler Scores its First Exoplanet Discovery

2009-Aug-06, 07:10 PM
NASA researchers have published confirmation this week that the Kepler mission will be able to reveal the presence of Earth-sized planets around Sun-like stars. The mission's first scientific results appear today in the journal Science.(...)Read the rest of Kepler Scores its First Exoplanet Discovery (290 words)© anne for Universe Today, 2009. |Permalink |No comment |Add [...]

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2009-Oct-30, 11:04 AM
It has now been five months since Kepler science operations began. The Kepler spacecraft continues in its drift-away, heliocentric orbit, and continues in its science data collecting attitude. The Kepler team is approaching another monthly download of science data. The next scheduled download is planned for Oct. 17-19, 2009. more ... (http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/kepler/news/keplerm-20091014.html)

Has anyone heard of preliminsary results on this data? I know we have to wait about 3 years for any real confirmations on terrestrial-type planets, but was hoping for something speculative out of this download.

2009-Oct-30, 02:49 PM
As one who did work for a couple of years in exoplanetary systems awhile back, this is very exciting news. Thanks for posting.