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2002-Apr-04, 10:29 AM
I was surprised to learn that "light years ahead" was meant to indicate being more advanced in *time*. I always thought they meant it as an exaggerated metaphor for a race, where the lead runner/car/horse/whatever was "light years ahead" of the competition. I guess since I knew a light year was a unit of distance before I heard the ad slogan, that was the only way I could interpret it and have it make sense.

However, upon reflection, I don't see why someone *couldn't* have meant it this way. Phil, as I recall from the book, you just *state* that the slogan is meant to imply time without explaining why you think this is what they mean. It wouldn't surprise me a bit that they got it wrong; I'm just curious as to what they did that gave you the impression that they were talking about time rather than distance, because it had honestly never occured to me until I read your book that they might have been thinking about time.

I've heard *people* use light years as a unit of time in casual conversation, but I can't remember of anything in the media that did. Maybe the book did provide examples that I'm not remembering right now, either. My memory seems particularly bad right now, I'm sure. :-)

Anyway, I was just curious.

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