View Full Version : Latest LRO Image Solves Apollo 14 Mystery

2009-Aug-20, 07:00 PM
During the second EVA of the Apollo 14 mission on the moon, astronauts Alan Sheperd and Edgar Mitchell had a goal of hiking to the rim of nearby Cone Crater in the Fra Maura highlands. But the steep terrain made the going difficult, elevating the astronauts' heart rates. Additionally, without landmarks it [...]

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2009-Aug-20, 07:33 PM
The samples they took were good enough as the boulders were likely ejecta from Cone Crater. Fortunately, the next mission was a "J" flight with a Lunar Rover, which greatly enhanced mobility.

Weakly Interacting MP
2009-Aug-20, 07:59 PM
Don't you know those aren't REALLY tracks? They're alien landing skid marks leading to a secret entrance to the EU discharging device that is going to blow up Planet X on Dec 21, 2012, the ejecta of which will cause our destruction!