View Full Version : Watermelons: The Newest Renewable Energy Source

2009-Aug-25, 11:20 PM
This has nothing to do with space or astronomy, but is perhaps one of the most remarkable things I have ever read. Could we one day be driving cars fueled by watermelons? Researchers say that watermelon juice can be a valuable source of biofuel, as it can be efficiently fermented into ethanol. [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/2009/08/25/watermelons-the-newest-renewable-energy-source/)

2009-Aug-26, 04:05 AM
Fanstastic! I say we use those square ones - they're no good for hollowing out into cricket-helmets. An abomination, I say!

And if you spill while refuelling you can now lick it up without getting those strange looks.