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2009-Sep-01, 06:00 PM
On September 4, 2009, Earth's orbital motion will carry it through the same plane as Saturn's rings. From our vantage point, the rings will disappear. Usually these ring plane crossings — which only happen about every 15 years — are great opportunities to observe Saturn's moons. But this year's ring plane crossing [...]

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2009-Sep-01, 08:57 PM
Thanks Fraser and thanks Nancy, for a great article.

There's also, of course, Centaur's excellent post and link to great graphics of Saturn's Rings here...at BAUT:
to compliment this excellent video...

...we pass through the ring plane on 2009 SEP 04, although the Sun will pass through the plane a little earlier on AUG 10....

I recall that JAICOA...amongst others here...has regularly posted/shared a whole gorgeous bunch of Saturnian photographs/compositions...I say...to compare/see the tilt of the plane, over a long-ish period of time.

2009-Sep-02, 07:53 PM
I am a newbie, so please bear with me if my observation is wrong (esp as thinking in 3d is lil bit tough :-)

"In the fall of 2009, Saturn will emerge from the glare of the sun in the early morning sky and provide Earth-bound astronomers with our first glimpse of its blue north pole in 14 years"

Doesnt that mean that Saturn was inclined away from the sun in the last ~15 years? (i.e its northern hemisphere is having spring equinox right now) Which means earth would have seen the (nearest portion of) rings from below over the last 7.5 years. However, the video shows the opposite motion of the rings.

Does this have anything to do with images being inverted in a telescope?