View Full Version : 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast Wins Award

2009-Sep-08, 07:50 PM
The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast has been awarded the 2009 Parsec Award for the Best "Infotainment" podcast. The award was presented at the Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta, Georgia on September 5, 2009. The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast was one of 5 finalists for the award, with 50 shows receiving nominations. [...]

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2009-Sep-10, 05:15 PM
Fraser. Congratulations to Nancy and Pamela on their podcasts. However the "novelty" of 365 days kind of belongs to Chet Raymo, author of "365 Starry Nights", and former astronomy teacher at Stonehill College...one of the very best. pete