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2009-Sep-13, 06:49 PM
Right now I'm trying to decide on a project for introduction to computer aided design class. It has to have a minimum of 20 unique and can't be too big. At first I was thinking of a space shuttle stack, but that might be a bit too large. I saw a poster outside the computer showing some previous projects includeing a small single engine aircraft and a mecha of some sort. So right now I'm thinking of either a viper or raptor from BSG, a shuttlecraft from Star Trek, or a small aircraft. What do you folks think?

2009-Sep-13, 07:39 PM
... a shuttlecraft from Star Trek, or a small aircraft. What do you folks think?
Miss February? ;)

2009-Sep-13, 07:40 PM
What do you mean by "20 unique"?

2009-Sep-13, 08:17 PM
Which CAD system?
What level are you working at?
What duration is the course and what are the total hours?

2009-Sep-13, 08:57 PM
It's solid edge, MAE-110. I think I may have a project nailed down though.

2009-Sep-13, 09:53 PM
When you finish, will you let us see the result?

2009-Sep-13, 10:52 PM
Best type of CAD project would be an ergonomic or aesthetic redesign of a current product. That way you can show off your CAD skills plus creativity.

2009-Sep-14, 12:33 AM
A sketch I did this afternoon. It's an original arcraft design.

The cone-shaped thing on the rear is part of the nozzle to the aerospike engine. The big hump just aft of the cockpit carries fuel for it ; It will be a little less pronounced on the final version. It also has two jet engines for normal flight.

2009-Sep-14, 08:18 AM
CG's a little off , but it reminds me of the X-3 Stiletto.

2009-Sep-14, 04:15 PM
Maybe stick with the a BA theme and do Hubble or a similar styled satellite.

2009-Sep-15, 01:23 AM
Nice, although my computer has bad resolution, so I can't see all the details. I like the forward-swept wings.

2009-Sep-15, 05:11 AM
Parts breakdown:

2009-Sep-15, 07:11 PM
I've decided this aircraft might be too complicated, so I've elected to model another design of mine, the AV-24. It's based around a hexagonal cross-section and as a plus I already have a 1:72 scale physical model of it that I scratch built several years ago. All I have to do is take it out of our storm shelter (like Klendathu, only smaller) and carry it back to Huntsville with me Sunday.

Parts layout:

In action: