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2009-Sep-20, 01:06 PM


I posted 8:58 EDT today (Sunday 9/20), but not only did the post not show up, but suddenly the "last" post became a 9/18 post of mine in the same thread (the very top of page 2 of the follywood thread). The Forum list still lists me as the last poster of the thread, but clicking my name puts me on the top of page 2 again, not the last post. However, as the search in the link above shows, the server has my post on it somewhere, it's not in the thread for some reason.

2009-Sep-20, 01:08 PM
ok--to add to it--I didn't think THIS post went through, but it must have. I clicked "submit" and nothing happened....

2009-Sep-20, 01:32 PM
ok--I made the post appear, by doing a "test post" in the same forum. The test, and the missing post, both appeared on Page 3.

It must be a pagination bug.

Nowhere Man
2009-Sep-20, 02:11 PM
Did you tell your browser to refresh the page after you didn't see the post?


2009-Sep-20, 04:00 PM
Better--I quit the browser and got back in. Still no dice. Only when I added the test post did it work.

2009-Sep-20, 04:17 PM

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

Search results go stale after a short time. Links to them are not useful.

It would be better to give us the search terms you used, if the URLs that search gave you might make a difference. Otherwise just give us the article link (in the same form that search gave it to you, hopefully). Or if the search results matter, it's too late, but copy the results to preserve them, don't copy the link to the results.

Edit: Something to think about: the permalink bug (topic with article linking to several topics (http://www.bautforum.com/forum-introductions-feedback/74815-new-posts-subscribed-threads.html)), whereby URLs are generated for articles, that contain page and count, coupled with non-standard page sizes (the software assumes/requires 30 articles per page), could cause you problems with finding an article from a URL. But, I don't know what sort of URLs you were using.

Also, search results are cached. If you do the same search twice, within some time period, the second search will just use the results of the first instead of beating on the server. They sit around for a while and can go stale (and then eventually they are thrown away, as I first mentioned). If an article chronologically prior to yours is deleted after your search results are generated, and before the search results are used, the search results can be invalid; they are not kept up-to-date with changes made in other parts of the system.

2009-Sep-20, 06:28 PM
ah--"find all posts by tdvance"

2009-Sep-20, 07:10 PM
Just using this for a test. Before I posted I did a search for all articles by 01101001. I'm wondering if those results will change after I post this or if I'll get the cached version -- that doesn't include this article I'm posting now -- from my previous search.

Edit: I got the cached version. I got the old results that did not reflect the existence of this new article.

So, is there a chance you had done a search for everything by you some while before you did a search that didn't show a recent article?

I forget what the "some while" period is for the cache to expire. I researched it once and I think it was on the order of 30 minutes, but it could have been some hours. Oh, I see from a web search that vBulletin caching time is a configurable option, possibly with a default of 15 minutes. I don't know what this BAUT incarnation of vBulletin has for a cache time.

2009-Sep-20, 08:00 PM
well, the search DID find the article. It just wasn't on the forum page.

2009-Sep-20, 09:50 PM
well, the search DID find the article. It just wasn't on the forum page.

Oh. That's different.

What is "the forum page"? You mean the main page? There was no indication there that you did the most recent article (and the page had been refreshed)?

And then also the article itself it wasn't on any page or it wasn't on the page that the search-generated URL sent you to? (Yeah, I know it's hard to know if it was on any page. But did you check the most likely place, the previous page? Others?)

2009-Sep-20, 10:14 PM
I mean, you click on the topic "Follywood..." and my post wasn't there. It is now, of course. I could find my post with a search (but if I clicked on it, would go to the first post of Page 2 instead of my post, which would have become the first post of page 3).

2009-Sep-22, 12:23 AM
In your User CP :: Options :: Number of Posts to Show Per Page, how do you set the articles/page? I use "Use Forum Default" because it (and 30 articles/page, the default) are the only settings that work with the Permalink feature (as discussed and cussed, above).

For instance, the URL returned by Search for your 58-minutes-past-the-hour Follywood article is http://www.bautforum.com/small-media-large/93360-just-when-you-think-follywood-cant-sink-any-lower-3.html#post1577476 or post # 1577476 that is found on page 3 of the topic. If you're displaying other than 30 articles/page, then # 1577476 might not be on page 3. Several of us have pointed out in other topics how dumb Permalink is, but management keeps it (for the benefit of having more human-meaningful URLs that search engines find more attractive).

Now since you described a couple of articles, including the temporarily-missing one, as being at the top of the page, maybe this isn't the problem. (And it would have been a much more permanent one, not temporary.) I'm double-checking with you, in case, but pretty much offering it up to someone else with a problem who might someday read this topic.

Other than that, I'd guess it's just a database-synch problem, where some of the clients (like Search) knew about the article and some (like the topic-page display) couldn't. It shouldn't happen, of course. Maybe there was a high load at the time, that threw things off. But, the server is pretty responsive almost always these days, except at system backup time -- which this case wasn't.

Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.

2009-Sep-22, 02:45 AM
I do use "use forum default"--it appears that the forum didn't realize, for some reason, there were 3 pages till I posed a "second" post on Page 3. When I clicked on my own post in the "list all posts by tdvance", it took me to the first post of Page 2, which coincidentally was another of mine.

2009-Sep-22, 03:21 AM
I do use "use forum default"--it appears that the forum didn't realize, for some reason, there were 3 pages till I posed a "second" post on Page 3. When I clicked on my own post in the "list all posts by tdvance", it took me to the first post of Page 2, which coincidentally was another of mine.

I think the first post on the last page is the offering for a URL that specifies an article off the end (though to the display routine, it should not have been off the end). That the result was also your post is likely a coincidence. It just did the best it could with a URL that it could not obey.

For instance, the invalid 93360-just-when-you-think-follywood-cant-sink-any-lower-3.html#post6666666 (http://www.bautforum.com/small-media-large/93360-just-when-you-think-follywood-cant-sink-any-lower-3.html#post6666666), specifying article # 6666666 on page 3 of that topic, shows the first article on page 3 (by a certain tdvance).

And 93360-just-when-you-think-follywood-cant-sink-any-lower-6666.html#post6666666 (http://www.bautforum.com/small-media-large/93360-just-when-you-think-follywood-cant-sink-any-lower-6666.html#post6666666), specifying article # 6666666 on page 6666, takes you to the top of the last page (which is currently page 3).

2009-Sep-22, 07:31 AM
(Forgive me if this was mentioned already, or if it doesn't apply to your problem.) I have noticed that when you make the 31st post on a page using quick-reply, your own browser window will just paste it below the 30 posts that were already on that page. (I was watching for a "page change" because it was time to copy 01101001's linkfarm again, in his absence). Only when you actually fetch the thread from the web server again (and quick reply does not seem to do this!) will you see the actual pagination.