View Full Version : Yes, There's Water on the Moon

2009-Sep-24, 12:10 AM
Three different spacecraft have confirmed there is water on the Moon. It hasn't been found in deep dark craters or hidden underground. Data indicate that water exists diffusely across the moon as hydroxyl or water molecules — or both — adhering to the surface in low concentrations. Additionally, there may be a water [...]

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2009-Sep-24, 12:23 AM
Now what is the weight the new heavy lifter can boost to the Moon? 157000 pounds? A dedicated water launch is how much money? (I don't know!)

That's almost 20,000 gallons of water*. Recycling could 20, 000 gallons go a long way! So no water shouldn't be a deal killer.

*I know, you have to hold it in something, but I'm trying to make a point. :)