View Full Version : A Prototype Detector for Dark Matter in the Milky Way

2009-Sep-25, 11:50 PM
It doesn't emit electromagnetic radiation and no one really knows what it is, but that hasn't stopped a team of European researchers from developing a device which scientists will use to detect and determine the nature of the dark matter that makes up 1/4 of the mass of our universe.(...)Read the rest of A Prototype [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/2009/09/25/a-prototype-detector-for-dark-matter-in-the-milky-way/)

2009-Sep-26, 12:39 AM
More... (http://www.universetoday.com/2009/09/25/a-prototype-detector-for-dark-matter-in-the-milky-way/)

01101001 want.

"Hey, what's that?"

"My new scintillating bolometer!"

01101001 need.

2009-Sep-27, 04:18 PM
Bi4Ge3O12. It seems they have redefined dark matter, which by it's nature does not interact with regular baryonic matter except thru gravity, and not the electromagnetic interaction. Since we can't see the stuff, because photons don't bounce off it, or get absorbed by it...it's dark. Yes?
I'll bet a box of Animal Crackers, that their experiment is crackers, :doh: and will show a time varying fluctuation stepped identically to the recent stepped time varying radioactive decay half-lives seen in Earth's annual orbit around the sun.:shifty::lol: pete

P.S. nice to make a bet on post 3000