View Full Version : Hubble Sees Galaxies Stripped by Ram Pressure

2009-Sep-30, 01:10 PM
br clear = all>Strange forces of nature are stripping away gas from galaxies in the Virgo cluster. An extremely hot X-ray emitting gas known as the intra-cluster medium permeates the regions between galaxies inside clusters and, as fast moving galaxies whip through this medium, strong winds tear through galaxies distorting their shape and [...]

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2009-Sep-30, 02:14 PM
Since the stripper and the stripee are being controlled by the same gravitational environment, one would expect them to be travelling "somewhat together" such that the relative difference in velocities would be quite small and, if so, would result in very little stripping of gas from the orbiting galaxies. Could the magnetic field of the cluster be the main cause of stripping by acting on the mass/charge ratios in ways unique to the masses of the objects?