View Full Version : LRO Provides Flashback to 1966

2009-Oct-01, 12:10 AM
On June 2, 1966 the Surveyor 1 spacecraft soft landed on the Moon, the first US spacecraft to land on another body. Now, 43 years later the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera has spotted this historic spacecraft, sitting silently on the Moon's surface. The scene shows the spacecraft (annotated with an arrow, and the [...]

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2009-Oct-01, 12:16 AM
As exciting as that is, I want to see Luna 9 even more, though I realise it won't be as visible, and not nearly as much of a shadow. Must see Lunokhod-1 and 2!

And please, can someone explain the geometry of the image from Surveyor-1? Is that it's shadow? And if so, why does it appear upside-down? (the ground looks right-side up).