View Full Version : Star Party at the White House and Other Upcoming Events

2009-Oct-05, 07:30 PM
On Wednesday, Oct. 7, there will be an historic first at the US president's home: a star party. From a White House press release: "The President and First Lady will host an event at the White House for middle-school students to highlight the President's commitment to science, engineering and math education as [...]

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2009-Oct-05, 09:48 PM
Well, living exactly 15 miles from the White House--I'd recommend Camp David instead! You can see a fair amount in Bowie, but practically nothing in the direction of DC--which I imagine simulates what it's like IN DC.

2009-Oct-06, 12:37 AM
We really do have a nerd president at last. I love it.

2009-Oct-12, 11:26 PM
Just before the Nobel Prize win too. Never a dull moment. There was a scene where he pointed up right before he left the scene. I hope somebody caught that on camera. He seemed to be pointing to the stars. Recently, he restored some NASA funding, and then there is this:

Good to have some real space leadership.

Thank you Mr. President.