View Full Version : IC1805/Melotte15 in HST palette

2009-Oct-17, 10:31 AM
I have been continuing to revisit some of the images that I took last year, earlier on in the autumn I managed to get 2 hours of Ha data on the centre of the heart nebula IC1805 with the star cluster Melotte 15. Last night I managed to get another 2 hours each for OIII and SII. The OIII and SII was quite weak compared to the Ha so I had to push it quite hard in the processing hence the noise and artefacts in the image. It was taken with the BRC-250 and Starlight Xpress H9 camera. The previous image was taken last year with the TMB 115 and H36 so is a much wider field of view with an hour of data for each channel, this can be seen on the nebulae page of the image gallery on http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk
I will be having another go at this with more subframes when I get my new toy up and running
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2009-Nov-02, 05:15 PM
Excellent work, as usual! :)