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2009-Oct-19, 09:30 PM
I know this has nothing to do with space exploration, but my Dad posted a video of his trip up and down the spiral staircase he built around the outside of a tree on his property (I grew on up Hornby Island, BC). The staircase has 99 stairs and goes up for about 75 feet [...]

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2009-Oct-19, 11:08 PM
My Dad built me a tree house that spanned four small pine trees. I had a clear plastic 'tarp' or wrapping of some kind I used for the ceiling. Water would pool up in depressions and my friends would poke holes to get at the water. About ten feet up if not a little more.

Parked underneath and to the side was a 1960 Dodge Matador. Yes I said Dodge and not AMC. The Dodge Matador came two years after the Fury from CHRISTINE, but was a four door. Someone threw a pumpkin with a rock in it through the back glass, and my Dad had it cut into an El Camino style car-truck, welding the back two doors shut. The fins on the car served as the truck rails, with wood lining just above where the foorboard was. Some metal similar to that used in hot dog stands with a diamond pattern (not diamond plate mind you) was the back of the cab, with a flat piece of glass for the rear windshield. Push button gears and all. after it broke down we used it as our spaceship. A nearby shack and the car were our other two spaceships. The deck on my parents home just up the hill served as our "Bridge" due to its nice rails.

The car was black, and I had thrown away the Romulan Bird of Prey decal of a model that he glued the wings on wrong--and used that to go on the car door. Folks started calling it the batmobile before it quit.. My Dad never finished school, but also had a way with animals. A young cat got its front limb caught and broken in a chair after getting it hung and spinning around.. He took an old metal loop that help my broken pinky years back, and a tongue depressor or popsicle stick or two--and taped that around this cat, who let him set its leg--no meds

I couldn't believe what I was seeing at the time. The cat got full use of its paw. He died in 2004, 1 year to the day after Columbia. My mom died four months later. The cat? It jumped out of the car when it became sick some years afterward. A mildly...slow...person went up to the window and frightened it. It badly clawed my father's arm before it jumped out, yet only a few years before had let him set the leg.

There are some things I will never understand.