View Full Version : Do "Skeleton" Filaments Give Structure to the Universe?

2009-Nov-03, 12:50 PM
This 3D illustration shows the position of the galaxies and reveals the extent of this gigantic structure. The galaxies located in the newly discovered structure are shown in red. Galaxies that are either in front or behind the structure are shown in blue. Credit: ESO Are there "skeletons"out in the Universe –structures that form the [...]

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2009-Nov-03, 04:31 PM
The illustration shows a widening field of view. I'm wondering what that pyramid shape would look like if we were to take into account the expansion of the universe, and conversely, it's shrinking size the further away we look, because we're looking in the past, when the universe was significantly smaller...
I guess near us, our "cone field of view" would expand linearly, but as we're looking further into the past, it would slowly stop expanding and start shrinking and we'd start seeing smaller things instead of bigger things... I wonder at what distance that cone of view would start shrinking instead of widening?