View Full Version : Hard-Luck Hayabusa In More Trouble

2009-Nov-10, 05:30 PM
A problem-plagued Japanese mission to an asteroid just may have received its final blow. The Haybusa mission to asteroid Itokawa in 2005 is currently trying to return to Earth, but now has suffered a breakdown in the third out of four ion thrusters. The cause was a voltage spike due to problems with [...]

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2009-Nov-10, 05:52 PM
Ion engines are more efficient than conventional chemical thrusters because they use less fuel...
I would say that they use less fuel because they are more efficient. As I think I understand it, they are more efficient because they have a very high specific impulse.

2009-Nov-10, 09:20 PM
Nooo.... just not fair. Not fair!

Isn't there some discarded bus out there that can go there, grab it, and give the guy the last little push towards home? *sighs*

2009-Nov-11, 04:37 AM
Well, at least some outstanding experience was had from all the 'events'. And it ain't quite over just yet - *maybe* that last engine can be used a bit more (crosses fingers) I give it/them an 'A+' for effort no matter what the end result is!

Could be worse :)


2009-Nov-11, 08:45 PM
*sniff* Just bring her home, boys, just bring her home.
A Haiku for Hayabusa

Go Hayabusa,
Bring us truth from 'little stars',
To see wider views.

2009-Nov-20, 05:34 PM
Very sad. :( To be honest, I'd nearly forgotten about this mission and was surprised to see a headline day before last; thought it'd already ended on a failure note months ago.

So it is still limping along...sort of. Seems highly doubtful the samples will be received, but here's hoping against the odds.

If anything, JAXA has obtained some useful experience with ion engines.